we’ve moved, but our site is still in boxes.

thelittleschremlin.com has switched it’s host from google to wordpress (sorry google, it just wasn’t working out). we are so excited about our move, but our stuff is still in boxes (in other words, we are rebuilding our site). at the moment we’re really busy making new items for the holiday season, but we promise putting our site back together is next on our list. and since we’re moving, i decided we need a new look, mostly because it gives me an excuse to order cute/cool new supplies. we’re going to have new colors, a new logo, and even new products like notebooks and cards.

our new banner which shows the new logo and colors.

yes, after two years of strictly making polymer clay items for the shop, i have decided to venture into the world of paper crafting. polymer clay is wonderful and i’m sure i’ll still make polymer clay items from time to time, but it’s time for a new adventure and paper is calling my name. not literally, of course. thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check back here and over at the shop throughout the month as we update our site and list new items.


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