em…what happened to my doctor?

david tennant as dr. who with the TARDIS

okay, so i started watching dr. who a while ago and i’ve just gotten a few episodes into the first season of the eleventh doctor. before i proceed, i have one thing to say: do not spoil anything for me please! i absolutely hate spoilers and it’s possible i’ll never forgive you if you let something slip. with that, i’ll say that i want david tennant back. i sooo miss the tenth doctor! also, what is the deal with the new theme song? i don’t like it. the first time they changed it was great, but this new one sucks. and the new TARDIS? what the heck? what is that stamp on the door? i don’t like that either. and why did they decide to start a whole new story line? i liked what they had going before and i feel like they could have carried more of it over. and the new companion? ahhhh! get some personality, woman! same goes for matt smith – compared to tennant, it’s hard to tell if he’s even alive. i’m not saying he has to be just like the tenth doctor – i wouldn’t want him to try – but i would like him to have some sort of unique personality. something. anything. just not whatever is happening now.

i have been absolutely in love with this show since about half way through the first season and i am beyond disappointed with this new iteration of the doctor. i need this show to get better; i cannot go through a good show turned bad again, especially in science fiction. so since i don’t want any spoilers, i don’t really want anyone to tell me if it gets better or not. i just needed to vent. so for the time being, i’ll keep watching and hoping, and more than likely i’ll keep posting as well. ’till the next noteworthy event, then.


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