greens and gifts, artisan market, and the end of the world. oh my!

…oookay. Hello. I’m back. And may I just say, everything happens at the same time. So this December I have been a vendor in the Gifts and Greens Market, been working like a crazy person (I do most things like a crazy person…I wonder why that is…) at my ‘weekday job’, have spent evenings and weekends making super sweet Tengwar notebooks, and been a vendor in the artisan market. Oh, did I mention that I applied to The Sunday Artisan Market in Ann Arbor? I did, on Thursday. Then I was a vendor on Sunday, thanks to the market manager and application committee who were kind enough to review my application in a very short amount of time. I am so happy to be part of the artisan market, and last Sunday was great! I’m really looking forward to this Sunday and next year’s market, which will be held every Sunday (save two, I think) from April through December.

The Gifts and Greens Market was new this year, and unfortunately it had a very cold, damp, drizzly windy day to debut on. I love that in English ‘debut’ would be pronounced as ‘de-butt’. Oh, French. While the weather wasn’t the best, the vendors and staff brought some serious holiday cheer with them, along with really cool items and yummy-looking food (unfortunately I couldn’t eat anything…most of the yummy-looking stuff was made with wheat). I took some pictures of some cool booths I saw – I was using someone else’s camera and couldn’t figure out how to take clear photos so they’re a little blurry, but hopefully clear enough for the awesomeness to show through:

purse with a hedgehog

i love hedgehogs, so this purse from Good Stuff Studio caught my eye. how cute is this little guy!?

purse with a flower

Gretchen had a lot of really pretty, well-made bags. i love the colors she used for this one. if you’re interested in her work, you can email her at gitsme [at!] att [dot] net.

Botigans found object robots

how cool are these robots from Botigans found object robots? If you’re interested in getting one, email Chris at gitsme [at!] att [dot] net

snowman made of rocks and found objects

Phil Dascola from Chelsea, MI makes these creepy/cute sculptures out of stones and found objects. they don’t rust so you can use them indoors or out!

turtle made of rocks and found objects

aww…i love his turtles!


Sash makes really unique, really handmade jewelry using different metals, semi-precious gem stones, and beads. If you’re interested in her work (she makes custom pieces as well), you can email her at: sashjewelleryartist [at!] gmail [dot] com

Again, so long as the world doesn’t end on Friday I’ll be at the artisan market this Sunday from 1100am-400pm. This is a great stop for really nice last-minute gifts; everything is handmade and there’s a big variety (you can find anything from soap to original works of art).


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