thank guinan it’s friday (TGIF): adam savage is on etsy

in order to stay true to my new year resolution of posting at least once a week, i’m starting a TGIF (thank guinan it’s friday) post that i know i can keep up with. every friday (or thursday night…or possibly occasionally saturday morning?) i will post a picture(s) or video that i like and that i think will help get you through your friday. it will be any combination of the following: funny/HI-larious, geeky, awesome, so true, the best thing i’ve heard all week, or words of wisdom. because guinan encompasses all of these…er…things, i’ve decided to thank her every time i find something to share with you. if you don’t know who guinan is, you have committed the grave sin of not watching star trek: the next generation. it’s okay, i forgive you; but as a certain science guy might say, now you know…so, watch it. in a nutshell, guinan is the best bartender in the quadrant (and quite probably the universe).

with that, we come to the very first TGIF post which is geeky, awesome, and the best thing i’ve heard all week: adam savage is on etsy. I KNOW (monica style). now, i have to say i’m not a huge mythbusters fan (in that i don’t watch it a lot, not that i have anything against the show), but i love that it’s on the air. it’s smart, funny, sciency, and informative, and i don’t think there’s enough of that on tv these days ever. also, adam and jamie are so cool that i sometimes can’t stand it. which, now that i think about it, is probably why i don’t watch the show as much now – i miss it when it was just them. well, before this turns into me literally writing every thought that crosses my mind, i give you an episode of adam’s podcast still untitled: the adam savage project in which he discusses the awesomeness of etsy:

…i found that i really like this podcast (listened/watched as i checked etsy convos and email), so i think i’m going to catch up on it and stay tuned. what do you think – any thoughts on this episode, and will you keep watching?


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