TGIF: the walking dead returns on feb 10

i don’t like zombies; they’re creepy, scary, and gross. so when my friends were watching the first season of walking dead and telling me that i should watch it too, i refused. normally they wouldn’t take no for an answer, but knowing full well that i can’t handle scary shows/movies, they laid off…sort of. i got a lot of “it’s not that scary – except for that one part. oh, and there is this really gross part, er, parts…” and, “you really don’t see the zombies too much. well, maybe you do…”.

while the second season was airing, they finally got me with “it’s soooooo good. you’d love it. just try the pilot”. so with my finger hovering over the fast forward button, i watched the pilot. it was pretty gross and kind of scary, and i decided it just wasn’t worth the potential side effects that my overactive imagination can cook up. that lasted for a couple days, until i just had to know what happens. fast forward to now, where i still don’t like zombies yet am eagerly awaiting the highlight of my february: the tenth, when the walking dead returns to amc. the thing i love about this show is that it isn’t about the zombies, it’s about the survivors. and that’s why my friends knew i’d end up being addicted to the show – i love post-apocalyptic stories.

so while some may be counting the days to the fourteenth, i’m counting to the tenth. not only because the walking dead rocks, but also because as much as i hate zombies, they’re still better than hallmark holidays. hope you enjoy this week’s TGIF media (scroll down for a dr. who bonus – yay!), and if you’re not already watching the walking dead, now’s a good time to catch up!

walking dead vs valentines day february


…p.s.: can dr. who also return in february? pleeeeeeeeeease?


2 responses to “TGIF: the walking dead returns on feb 10

  1. oh my god so excited for this return! i was totally the same way, i saw a bit of the first episode of season 1 but wasn’t convinced it was going to be good. but now i can’t get enough! the zombies are the best part! have you seen the promo video yet? i posted it on my blog if you haven’t, one of the best trailers by far 🙂 can’t wait!!

    • hi kiki, thanks for stopping by my blog! i had a bit of a different reaction to the pilot – i knew it was going to be good, i was just worried it would be too scary ): but luckily, my curiosity overruled my fear. i have not seen the promo; i try to avoid those because if i already know something is going to be good, i’d rather just see it in the show. i’m extremely anti-spoilers, even if it’s something the studio/network releases. i’m the same with movies – it’s been so hard to avoid seeing star trek promos! thanks again for stopping by, hope you’re having an awesome weekend (:

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