TGIF: read the book + an adorable baby polar bear

happy friday everyone! today i have two pictures for you in the ‘wtf?’ and ‘cute’ categories, respectively. first, let’s discuss this woman’s stupid question and the perfect response to it:

read the book, stupid.

…i’m not even going to get into the abortion discussion – there is so much stupidity to discuss here that i simply don’t have the time to get into other topics. let’s start with the fact that this woman either a) did not read the harry potter books, or b) did read them, but lacks the mental capacity to understand them. i like to think it’s the latter, though i wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t know how to read all together. next, i love the smile on her face. it says, “bet cha didn’t think of that, did ya?” oh my goodness, you are so right! setting aside the whole neville thing, i totally get what you mean about how awful it would be if a fictional hero did not exist to stop a fictional villain. i mean, good god woman, we’re talking about abortion here – i’m thinking harry potter references are not appropriate. finally, there is the perfect response – all i can say to that is “thank you.”

now for something that’s just cute:

baby polar bear

hope everyone has a great weekend!


2 responses to “TGIF: read the book + an adorable baby polar bear

    • i know, right? that little guy is ready for the world, lol. by the way, i was reading the ‘facts you don’t need to know’ post on your blog and found the fact that polar bears actually have clear fur to be very interesting.

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