water awareness – why you should try meatless mondays

hi all! well, it didn’t take me long to break my resolution of posting at least once a week, but i do intend to get back on track with TGIF. this weekend i was at the keystone pipeline rally in d.c., and on friday i was busy running about trying to get everything ready, so that’s my excuse. i’ll write more on the rally later, for today i just wanted to share this infographic with you:

water meat vegan

…it shares some really interesting information about meat, dairy, and the environment. i find the information about water to be particularly striking and concerning, especially since that’s an aspect you don’t hear about often. i’m working on a post about the rally which will be up sometime this week…probably wednesday or thursday. until then, please consider the information presented in this graphic and maybe try going meatless (and for the more advanced class, dairy free) next monday (:


4 responses to “water awareness – why you should try meatless mondays

    • well, you could say that but it would be sort of falsely true, as i suspect you already know. if fact, *people* are destroying the planet by means of the exploitation of chickens and cows – just to be clear ; )

      • lol, yes, that is the general idea. it is very enlightening, isn’t it? the info on water in particular really shocked me, and also made me feel less guilty for taking long showers (as i am after all saving so much water by not eating meat…that’s a valid argument, right?). thanks for stopping by – i post something interesting or cute every friday(ish)!

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