TGIF: british people and cat naps

this week’s TGIF post brings two fabulous photos. it also brings news (i.e., i am telling you) that the peeps have arrived. yes, after oven malfunctions  rain, and…well, just those two things, but they really put me behind…the peep earrings are done. yay! i upgraded the ear wires from previous years so i’m going to take new pictures before i put the listings up in my shop, which will be some time this weekend. now that the earrings are done i’m going to start making charms for the charm bracelets, which should take about two weeks to complete.

again, if you want custom peep jewelry, speak now or hold your peace until next year. i came up with a very unique (read: tedious and time-consuming) way to make my peeps look like the real thing, and the only way to keep them reasonably priced is to make them in batches so each pair doesn’t take as long to make over all. for the month or so it takes me to make all my peep jewelry my dining room basically turns into a little peep factory and all of my creative time is devoted to making my darling little peeps. therefore, i only make peeps once a year (i only make another batch if i sell out before easter) which means if you want something custom, i need to know now. also, if you want a specific color, i’d recommend ordering as soon as you see it because once i’m out it’s unlikely that i’ll make more. so, that’s the deal with the peeps. now for something funny:

british people


…and something cute:

cat nap


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