TGIF: moose

today we’re going to learn about moose because they are awesome and i love them. to start, i’ll say that moose is the plural of itself, like deer. and speaking of deer, did you know that the moose is the largest member of the deer family? and boy, are they big. an alaskan male moose (the largest of the species) can grow up to seven feet at the shoulders. just take a moment to think about that…okay. now that you’re a little freaked out, i’ll remind you that moose are herbivores and baby moose (calves) are adorable. so, to sum up, moose are:

1: large

big moose

2: not out to kill you / herbivores

moose and dog

…and 3: especially adorable when they’re calves

moose calves

feel free to add any other interesting moose facts in the comments section below (:


3 responses to “TGIF: moose

  1. It is one of my life goals to see a moose in person. I went to New Hampshire this year and I really hoped my dream would come true but alas it did not.

    • me too! i know there are a lot of moose in alaska (for now anyway – unfortunately a lot of people are killing them so they can mount their heads on a wall, but i have too much to say on that topic to really get into it now…) so one of my ‘dream vacations’ is to go there to see one (: i feel like it would be crazy to see such a huge animal in nature.

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