TGIF: here comes the sun

i am not a big fan of winter. sure, it’s nice in november and december when we get our first snow fall, then finally a beautiful blanket of shimmering white fluff that sets the stage for the holiday season. but once the clock strikes midnight and we are officially in the new year, i’m pretty much done with being festively cold.

when spring weather finally makes its way over to michigan i can be found skipping, singing, and dancing around – that’s how much i miss the sun. and it’s not just me. everywhere i look people are walking around looking – wait for it – happy. yes, there are happy people in michigan; the trick to finding them is looking during that sweet spot between spring and summer weather. it is an admittedly short season, because once that nice 60-70 degree day turns into an 80-90 degree day (so that’s maybe one or two weeks), we start bitching about how hot it is. what can i say? it’s just the way things work here. with that, here is your TGIF media for this week:

tired of winter


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