TGI(today): new year resolutions disapeared with snow

hello all!

well, if you’re a regular around here you’ve undoubtedly noticed that for the past couple of weeks i have broken my new year resolution of posting at least once per week on my blog. it saddens me as much as you (okay, maybe it saddens me more) that i haven’t brightened your last two fridays with something cute/geeky/humorous. and to make up for that, i’m doing a week of TGI(today) posts. today’s post is oh so loosely related to the wonderful (read: cold but at least it doesn’t hurt to go outside) weather we’ve been having lately. enjoy!

snow parking ticket - that's cold.


2 responses to “TGI(today): new year resolutions disapeared with snow

    • lol, yeah, this looks pretty bad. but if you look at the cars in the background, they aren’t snowed in and don’t have snow on them. so i’m thinking that person was parked there for a really long time, and i’d be willing to bet there are a bunch of signs around there saying not to park there during times when the snow is plowed. but still…isn’t it punishment enough that they have to dig the car out before they can go anywhere?

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