TGIF: alternative NRG is cool

we’re all familiar (or at least the perfectly awesome of us are familiar) with with the eleventh’s doctor’s proclamation that bow ties (spelled wrong, by the way, in the image below. kids these days…) are cool. in case you’re not perfectly awesome, here’s a reference that should pretty much get you in the loop:

bowties are cool dr whogood. now that we’re all on the same page, i would like highlight another item on the cool list: alternative energy. how cool is it that we can use resources like the sun and wind that will never run out* to power our daily lives? so cool that i don’t have the time/space to go into it in a TGIF post. so i’ll leave you with a beautiful picture of this sweet new phone charger (made by XD Design), and we’ll save the details for another post (:

solar window phone charger

*or rather, when these resources do run out, we’re fucked anyway.


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