an update on the madness

so, when i started this blog it was my full intention to write almost daily on topics relating to my shop – new ideas, stuff i’m working on now, shows i’ll be participating in, etc. however, when i look around, i see a lot of (admittedly cool) posts about things that are pretty much not shop-related that mostly appear on fridays…ish. therefore i have decided to provide you with a mass-update; something that will hopefully encourage me to get the blog on track as usual, or for the first time.

update #1 is that, as i type, i am taking items off my desk one at a time. there is something that rattles every time a key is struck and it’s driving me crazy.

update #2 is that i learned two new binding techniques: japanese four-hole and coptic stitching. i love them both and have already added some new notebooks to the shop that i have bound using my new mad skills. i’m making perfectly adorable pocket-sized library card notebooks using the japanese four-hole method and baker’s twine. i ordered some never-used cards in different colors because i thought it would be pretty cool to make some where people can fill in the ‘book info’ with their favorite books. i also scored some super sweet vintage library cards that are mostly from university library math books. while i’m not personally a huge fan of math, i do appreciate it’s contributions to science.

my coptic notebooks are a bit larger at 4x6ish. i’m still working on finishing the first batch for my shop, which is star trek themed. i found some really nice linen in ‘star trek’ red, yellow, and blue, and made book cloth out of it. i adhere the cloth to the book board, then draw the corresponding insignia on the cover. i also created some super cool inside covers; one for each ‘department’. i am totally psyched about these notebooks, and will probably write a post about them this week (with pictures – yay!).

update #3 is that i am now an annual vendor at the ann arbor artisan market, officially named ‘the sunday morning artisan market‘. the market is every sunday from april through december (except for one sunday…not sure which off the top of my head…). it goes from 1100am to 400pm, but it seems like most vendors are set up by 1030.

it was the letter sorter. the rattling. why, after weeks of being perfectly quiet, it now decides to be annoying, i do not know. must investigate further. anyway, back to the market…

i plan on being there most sundays and will start posting on my facebook page on fridays to let people know each week whether i’ll be there or not. i am sooo excited to be a part of the market, especially this year as the new market manager has put a lot of time an effort into making the market a fun experience with a lot of variety. one cool thing we’re doing this year is changing up four of the market days and making them shows with a theme. yesterday was our ‘mother’s day’ market, which the weather decided to crash, unfortunately. but we were all still there, and by the end the sun poked out from behind the clouds and people magically appeared. moms got free massages, we had a craft table for kids and adults, and there was a great fiddler playing celtic tunes. we  have two shows coming up over the summer – one is the summer show on june 9th and the other is the urban fairies show on the 4th. details for both can be found here.

well, i think that’s a good amount of updating for now. and because i missed the TGIF post last week, here’s a little something to brighten your day:

star trek guinea pig

i don’t even know what to say…


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