Star Trek: Into Darkness, a Spoiler-Free Review

if you liked Star Trek, the first movie that takes place in the alternate universe, you’re gonna love Star Trek: Into Darkness. and if you’re a fan of any series of Star Trek, sci-fi in general, action with a side of witty humor, or good movies, but haven’t seen Star Trek, go see it. you’ll love it, and then i can recommend that you also see Star Trek: Into Darkness.

star trek into darkness

this review isn’t going to be very long because my definition of spoilers is pretty broad. i love movies and know that an important part of the experience is discovering not only the major plot elements, but also the minor details that weave together to create a unque ‘feel’. so i’ll just say these things. one, the great casting choices for the main characters was made even clearer in this sequel than in it’s predecessor. there was only one casting choice i wasn’t thrilled with, but that character wasn’t a major focus in the film. two, the TOS inside jokes continue, and i would say there are even more in this movie than in Star Trek. so if you want to get all of them you should watch the TOS tv show and movies to become more familiar with the ‘alternate’ characters and universe (though i’ll make it clear that it is not necessary to watch TOS to understand the movie overall). two.five, this movie is fucking funny.

three, the cinematography is off the hook. if you’re looking for a party for your eyes you’ll find it in Star Trek: Into Darkness – especially if you see it in imax, which i highly recommend. fourth, the score is amazing and i want to listen to it all the time. and finally, this movie really gets back to Star Trek’s roots of exploring morality in society and ourselves. i was really glad to see this because frankly i was worried that with the new strategy of trying to appeal to a wider audience, this core element would be lost.

to sum up: if you watch movies, go see this one.


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