Holiday Workshops at MAKE Art Studio

make artHello! I’m back, and with new stuff! Since January, I’ve been helping a friend start her very own studio in downtown Ann Arbor. It’s taken a lot of time, hard work, and caffeine, and it has all been worth it. MAKE Art Studio is a modern, cozy little space right on the corner of Liberty and Main. It is on the second floor (right above Footprints) with a wall of windows that provide a great view of all the hustle and bustle of downtown.

The studio rents space to artists who use it for studio time, to teach classes, and to host craft nights. Currently, we have four super-cool artists sharing the space and offering everything from craft and cocktails nights to art classes for the wee ones. I myself have four holiday workshops planned for December.

I’m looking forward to teaching, crafting, and having a blast in this great new space! Because this new adventure will leave me less time to make stuff for my Etsy shop, I am working on a new product line for 2015 that will feature limited-edition greeting cards and notebooks; this will allow me to maintain my shop with a smaller time budget.

If you have any questions about workshops, don’t hesitate to message me on my facebook page


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