Hello there! My name is sarah; i make all of the items in the little schremlin store. My partner in crime and supervisor here at the studio is murphy, a.k.a. ‘the little schremlin’, who of course is also the shop’s namesake. What is a schremlin, you ask? Well, in short, a schremlin is an adorable, furry little creature with a big heart and a wagging tail. That may sound somewhat like a small dog, but i can assure you that murphy is something very different.

I first noticed it when he was just a little pup – always happy, always giving away free kisses. He made funny little noises and would run about at what i can only assume is just under the speed of light. He had distinctively cat-like behaviors such as chasing lights and rubbing his face on people’s legs as a form of greeting. Then there was the matter of his appearance. Large, floppy ears…sort of gremlin-like. Big, round black eyes with a tiny little nose. In short, he was the oddest, cutest little thing i had ever seen. I decided to call him a little gremlin as a nickname since he looked so much like one.

Then one morning as i was walking him, i noticed yet another odd thing about murphy: he didn’t scare squirrels as the other dogs did. He would see them and just walk right on by; and perhaps even more surprisingly, they would see him and do the same. At that point, i decided that the squirrels probably just assumed murphy was one of them – he’s the right color, and almost the right size. I’m sure they though he was the oddest looking squirrel they had ever seen.

So his nickname evolved to include squirrel – he became the little schremlin. But of course i couldn’t just leave it there, so i decided that schremlins are mythical creatures, that there are more of them in some magical place, and that they don’t all look the same. Some may be more squirrely, some more gremlin like, and perhaps some even take on characteristics of other cute little furry creatures. Yes, i do this sort of thing all the time.

In december of 2010, on a cold winter’s day cuddled up with the schremlin, i made a decision: looking at murphy’s sweet, happy little face, i realized that i should be doing something that makes me even as close to happy as he. I needed to do something besides work, running errands, and other normal, mundane stuff. I needed something fun and rewarding, something that would allow me to do what i love while feeling like i’ve helped someone else be happy, too. That’s when i decided to open the little schremlin store, and that’s why i’m still happily making new items today.

I started out making polymer clay jewelry, figures, and wedding cake toppers, most of which had a science fiction, food, or nature theme. At this point i should probably mention that science fiction, food, and nature are, like, the best things ever.  And while i still like working with polymer clay, i’ve decided to explore some other interests i have like paper crafts and metal working. I will of course continue to make sci-fi, geeky, nature inspired, and food related items, just in a different medium.

I am truly enjoying the creative journey i’ve been on for the past few years with my shop. I’ve always been an artist, but there is just something so much more rewarding about interacting with people who i have reached through the items i make for my store. I love seeing or reading people’s reactions when they receive something from my little shop, and i always look forward to participating in fairs and festivals which are so exciting and fun. With that i have to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of my customers; without you, i wouldn’t have my shop.


sarah + murphy

p.s.: you may have noticed that i’m not a big fan of capitalization. I usually don’t capitalize at all, or i write in all caps. What can i say, i guess i have to have uniformity somewhere in my life. For the sake of making my longer posts easier to read, i’ve decided to capitalize only the first letter of each sentence. With that exception i will continue my tradition of using uniform casing when i write, just so ya know  ; )


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