terrarium care

Small scale moss terrariums are unique little ecosystems that are beautiful and easy to care for. I make terrariums that are layered will all the essential elements to keep them fresh and healthy for years to come.  Simply mist your terrarium every 2-4 weeks, and at all other times keep the lid on. Here are some helpful hints:

  • misting can be done using a spray bottle that has a mist setting (for Ball jar terrariums, spray three to five times each misting…tiny terrariums only require one or two sprays)
  • for best results, use rainwater or distilled water – never use chlorinated or softened water
  • if you find that your terrarium becomes too foggy or has a lot of condensation, simply remove the lid for a few hours, then replace
  • if your moss is loosing it’s color and looking a little drab, go ahead and give it a few extra sprays
  • do not put your terrarium in direct sunlight; moss likes indirect sunlight for part of the day

If you have any questions about caring for a terrarium that you purchased from my store, please contact me through my etsy shop or email: sarah [at!] thelittleschremlin [dot] com


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