The holidays are here, and for some reason they decided to bring horrible weather, freezing temperatures, and darkness with them. Silly holidays. But no worries, you can warm up, re-charge, and get your craft on with me at MAKE Art Studio! I’m teaching four holiday workshops that are all geared toward helping you through the season; whether it’s making a gift, wrapping paper, or getting organized for the new year.


Embroidered Greeting Cards

You don’t have to suffer through the process of picking cards out of that little line-up at the drug store; now you can make your own, and it can be a shit-ton of fun.

Personalized Mini Notebooks

Whether it’s the third day of Hanukkah, time to stuff the stockings, or White Elephant at work, small gifts are a must this time of year.

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Making your own wrapping paper is fun, relaxing, and safer than wrestling a fellow shopper for the last roll of Silver Snowflakes at the grocery store.

2015 Planners

Sure, you could go out to a store to buy a planner; but if you’re looking for something that inspires you, you’re not likely to find it in an OfficeMax.


You can check out all of the workshops at MAKE here. Happy holidays, and happy crafting!


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